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1201 2024


5 Key Questions and Answers for Investors in 2024

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As we dive headfirst and fearless into 2024 as brave investment adventurers, there is also a lot of reflection on last year's growth. With 2022 being one of the worst years for even seasoned investors with a strong build portfolio, 2023 did a good job repairing the damage with striking opportunities. But last year also presented challenges like the ongoing high inflation rate and volatility. What are the questions you have as investors that 2023 leaves unanswered? DHF Capital S.A. CEO and Asset Manager Bas Kooijman takes us to five crucial questions for investors, that both capture strategy and pure financial wisdom by experience.

1. What are the market trends and outlook?

Diversifying your investment portfolio is strongly recommended, as anything can happen. "In a world where market trends shift rapidly, the wisdom lies in diversity. Amidst the ever-evolving economic landscape, our strategy at DHF Capital S.A. embraces such a diversified portfolio approach,” Kooijman explains. He aims on the fact that DHF Capital S.A. strategically maintains a balanced mix across forex, gold, and stocks in both the European Union and the United States, coupled with money market investments. “This approach isn't tethered to singular trends, offering stability and fostering long-term results.”

2. How to navigate volatility in 2024?

But what will financially happen in the world and how is that professionally monitored? Bas Kooijman notes that DHF Capital S.A. keenly assesses the global economic climate. "The volatility observed in the gold price throughout 2023 underscores the importance of governmental and central bank support in 2024. For investors, keeping a close eye on global economic dynamics and anticipating shifts can be instrumental in making informed decisions.” How to keep that close eye? DHF Capital S.A. shares the latest news on its website, but it is also wise to check on financial newspapers like The Economist or The Wall Street Journal. What is the overall trend and what do you notice?

3. Is innovation still important in 2024?

According to Bas Kooijman, embracing technological advancements is vital for growing wealth and maintaining stability in investing. “Those advancements are also a huge part of the DHF Capital S.A. strategy and identity. Humans and algorithms collaborate in an efficient and high-performing way safeguarding the best results.”

So, investors looking to stay ahead in 2024 need to align with innovation. But where to start? That begins with finding a solid investment partner. Kooijman says: “DHF Capital S.A. actively invests in cutting-edge trading and asset management tools. The focus on robust risk management software and rebalancing tools contributes to maintaining low volatility, showcasing the importance of integrating technology into investment strategies.”

4. How important is sustainable investing?

Sustainability will remain profoundly important. As governments prioritize sustainability and consumer preferences shift, green investing becomes a strategic choice, reflecting the growing trend in responsible and impactful financial decision-making. However, it will undergo some changes. Sustainable investing in 2024 is marked by new regulations, heightened environmental consciousness, and complex socioeconomic dynamics.

Recently, EU officials reached a preliminary agreement on the CSDDD, compelling large companies to conduct comprehensive due diligence regarding their environmental and social impacts. This will encourage even more companies to adopt sustainable practices.

Furthermore, there has always been a lack of a clear-cut definition of sustainability. Therefore, the European Commission has initiated public consultations on the implementation of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR). In 2024, we hope that sustainability will be interpreted as precisely as possible.

DHF Capital S. A. strongly advocates for sustainability practices and encourages everyone to live sustainably wherever they can.

5. How can I manage risks in uncertain times?

Can I invest without a solid strategy in 2024? The simple answer: not if you want to reach your financial goals. Because with goals, comes a plan. According to Bas Kooijman managing risk, especially during unpredictable market shifts, remains a cornerstone of DHF Capital's strategy. “In a world marked by uncertainties, effective risk management is non-negotiable. DHF Capital's robust risk management software imposes stringent drawdown limits, ensuring prudent risk control. This approach safeguards against downside risks while allowing profitable positions to flourish—a valuable lesson for investors navigating uncertain times.”

Charting Your Course in 2024

As you step into the investment landscape of 2024, like you do every year, you are full of expectations. What are your investment-related questions for 2024? What are the things that occupy your mind when it comes to investing in the coming year? You don’t have to stare through the looking glass alone. Drop your questions with us and we’re glad to answer them. Reach out anytime to explore how to make the most of your investments in the year ahead. Every week we share valuable insights that help you on your way. Find contact with us if you want to know more about reaching your financial goals for which you’ve been starting with investing anyway.

DHF Capital S.A.

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