The first company worldwide that provides Managed Trading insured by Real Estate

DHF Capital S.A. is a Luxembourg based securitization company established in January 2021 for well-informed personal or institutional investors. It provides exclusive investment solutions to form clients financial portfolios. Our investors can purchase a series of global notes which are well diversified and actively managed by Trade Management Services OU.

We provide investors with investment solutions that provide dependable returns and diversification benefits. The partners of the firm have pledged their own real estate holdings as collateral in the event of a 10% loss in the value of the products. This insurance provides unique protection for our investors and ensures that the interests of the firm and the client are aligned.

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Our message to investors

We work closely with our clients to show them new possibilities in investing into products that are not correlating with economical circle stages. Together with Trade Management Services OU we can provide solutions to clients who are searching for risk managed higher return opportunities.

1. Our approach begins with searching for alternative investment opportunities that our investors can benefit from. We know that our clients face investment challenges that require specific investment solutions. Therefore our role is to listen and to provide or create custom solutions.

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How we work

In close cooperation with our partners, we created a structure that has diversified investment strategies which are supervised by our IT solution specialists. Together they are managed by a senior team of traders. Adding the insurance possibilities provided by DHF Property Group LLC and with the best corporate governance practice, DHF Capital S.A. is a great addition to your investment portfolio.

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Our Pledge

In addition to the great consistent results that Trade Management Services OU traders achieved in 2020’s difficult year, there is an additional safety possibility to ensure your peace of mind. Every investor will be given the option to buy an insurance policy at DHF Property Group LLC.

Your investment can be insured by the contract (policy) that is backed by the balanced real estate assets of DHF Property Group LLC. DHF Property Group LLC is purchasing highly valued real estate from Dubai based developer Emaar guaranted to cover the loss on investment.

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Digital Investing

Open your investor account within a few minutes and invest fully digitally.

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Insured by Real Estate

Our team of experts identifies the best real estate to use a pledge.

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Full Flexibility

Enjoy flexibility and transparency for your investment.

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Consistent Returns

We offer a variety of investment options designed to provide consistent returns with limited downside exposure.

Our Story

Our partners came from various trading backgrounds and from a multitude of entrepreneurial ventures. Although coming from very different paths, our partners have always shared the same ethos: add value. Our shared perspective drives us. The current phase of our business is defined by our relationship with DHF Property Group. Having the support and encouragement of one of the world’s leading real estate companies has been instrumental in defining our vision as a firm. Through them, the concept of using our combined real estate portfolio as collateral was born. Because the clients’ investment can be insured by assets of our insurance partner DHF Property Group LLC, both parties’ interests are aligned. We believe that should be the standard.

August 2014

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Our senior traders started managed trading for individual investors.

August 2019

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DHF Management DMCC acquired its provisional general trading license from the DMCC in Dubai.

November 2020

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The Dubai Multi Commodities Center granted DHF Management DMCC with a General Trading License.

January 2021

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DHF Capital S.A. was founded and started to offer their private placement products.


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