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Our client application process at DHF Capital is designed with your convenience in mind.

Here's how it works:
1. Begin by filling out our online application form. This helps us gather all the necessary details about you.
2. Once you've submitted the online form, our team will create a pre-filled Application Form based on your provided information and send it to you as a PDF.
3. Upon receipt of the pre-filled form, please proceed to print, sign, and scan the document.
4. After scanning, kindly forward the signed document to our investment team at investments@dhf-capital.com .

Please note that we request the signed document be returned to us within five calendar days of receiving the pre-filled application form. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to facilitating your investment journey with DHF Capital.


Please send us an e-mail for all your enquiries at investments@dhf-capital.com

You can also request more information via our contact page.

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