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Investment Process

We have designed solid financial products for our customers. These products provide a constant return that brings peace of mind to both the investors and the DHF Capital S.A. team itself.

Generating ideas to achieve that constant return starts with the unique financial insights we have developed over the years in the various capital markets around the world. Since global capital markets are subject to what happens in the world every day, generating these ideas is an ongoing process. For that reason, our trading team works hand-in-hand with our risk management team to ensure optimal performance for DHF Capital S.A.

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Our Investment Process

Opportunity Set

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We combine top-down macroeconomic research with a bottom-up analysis of specific curency pairs to generate investment ideas. The team then studies technical factors, including overall market positioning and investor sentiment, to decide how and when to implement the ideas within the portfolio.


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Good trades come from an amazing collaboration of several great teams. This is how they form a unit. Our teams adhere to strict protocols for how we source, filter, execute and constantly monitor investment strategies and individual trade decisions.


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A defined corporate governance structure allows investment opportunities and strategies to be implemented efficiently. Changes are made when there is a change in the market conditions to insure the stable monthly results.


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We keep a close eye on all our financial positions at all times. Our teams use different models and algorithmic software to constantly monitor our performance.

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Maximizing Returns

We search for opportunities that help our investors achieve their investment objectives. We realize that different investors have different investment horizons, which is why we offer a variety of timelines to match your needs. The fund seeks long and short opportunities in currencies, commodities and stocks.

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Minimizing Risk

Minimizing risk is our core business. It is essential to our investment process and to our future growth. We constantly monitor the DHF Capital's products' risk exposure to ensure that it remains within defined parameters.

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