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0604 2023


Head of Investor Relations: Investing Fuels My Intellectual Curiosity

DHF Capital S.A.

As the curious and knowledgeable reader might have already noticed, he appears on our engaging blogs every week. He talks about the world's financial stamina, the chances for investors, the threats and dangers, the passion for investing, and why money should never catch any dust at all. Though you hear from him a lot in our posts, in this week's blog we especially dive into the story of Rowan Rozemond. As a board member of DHF Capital S.A. and Head of Global Investor Relations, he's on a mission to secure assets from all over the world but even more important: working with the client approach. Investing and risks? According to Rozemond, it depends on which train you board.

The entrepreneurial life of Rowan Rozemond

Rowan Rozemond sees investing as more than a necessity: it is also a lot of fun. With over a decade of experience in investing, incubating, and accelerating start-ups in the Venture Capital world, he knows what a bumpy ride it can be. Starting his first business by the age of 17, he publicizes his entrepreneurial drive. He grew a small two-man company from the attic of its parents' house to one of the biggest non-medical home care companies in the Netherlands. A small country with huge potential. Step by step he grew the company to sell it only three years later to Apics Flex Jobs with a staggering 18.000 employees. That left him with options on which road to walk next.

"After the take-over from Apics Flex Jobs, I started an incubator to facilitate startups into becoming successful. Like a maternity ward for young entrepreneurs. Why this particular group? Because entrepreneurs will always challenge the world and I believe they will bring mankind to the next level. How can it be more thriving to guide them to reach their full potential and propel them to new heights?"

After a few years of starting with the incubator, Rozemond's focus shifted. First, he aided entrepreneurs and startups by participating in them or providing general guidance. But then he was dedicated to helping them with the next phase of their company; the accelerator phase. The chance to scale the business.

"To do this, businesses have to change from that small group of friends that build the business, to a culture of growth and progress. In that regard, I joined DHF Capital S.A. as a member of the Board of Directors and Head of Global Investor Relations. I, therefore, invested in DHF to co-finance the next phase of its growth."

What does investing mean to you?

For Rozemond, investing is everything, but most of all just having a lot of pleasure in the game. Where one usually invests about 10 to 20 percent of their income, he turns that conventional wisdom upside down. "Let me give away a piece of advice to everyone. I've made investing a cost in my expenses. Usually, I invest around 70 to 80 percent of my income in a variety of asset classes. For me, it's a way to fund my curiosity. Investing leads me to new people, new ideas, and new complex constructs to challenge my mind. And that's for me what it's all about, I love to challenge my mind. There's a game in it. Stay curious, and learn new stuff. And you learn the most when you're out of your comfort zone. This makes the circle complete because by investing such a large amount of my income, I keep myself on edge."

Rozemond truly believes that diversification is the key. While a recession is known by many as an overall downturn of the economy, he sees the economy as 12 different sectors, 5 different asset classes, and seven big world regions in which each can have its recession. "The overall market can go up, but that does not mean that, for example, real estate in Asia is moving up. And that's what I love about DHF Capital S.A. It's a well-diversified portfolio that touches on four different asset classes diversified over 4 different regions. And with their unique algorithmic re-balancing between these asset classes, for me, this covers a lot of my strategic objectives for my portfolio."

Exploring visions? Into the thick of it

Working with investors all across the globe demands a primary focus on the client's wishes. Every story and every goal differs. "I like to deep dive during a conversation. I am very interested in the client's view on macroeconomics, how it affects their day-to-day life, and their view on their portfolio."

While not being the guy for chitchat, Rozemond puts it straight forward and right into the deep stuff while blunting his opinions on the matter. Clients reward him for it. For his honesty and thinking along to their profit. And that means that DHF Capital S.A. itself also has a guide on board to help the accelerating company all along the way of the process that's generally called 'growing'.

"In this regard it's my job to connect with the investor community globally and set up partnerships and collaborations with intermediates. Together with the team of business developers and investor relations officers we speak to clients regarding the products we offer as DHF. Next to that, with my 10 years of experience in macroeconomic investing, I enjoy researching macro trends to assist DHF Capital S.A. in the construction of its overall investment theses. It also helps me to see the investment landscape more clearly and enables me to go into depth with a client on how he or she can construct a durable and successful portfolio."

DHF Capital grows. You can grow in it

When investing with a company, you want a solid partnership. A company that grows, an investor that grows too. DHF Capital is a young company with seasoned professionals that have one goal: for their clients to reach their financial goals. Find contact with us and see what strategy fits your goals the best.

DHF Capital S.A.

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