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2810 2022


DHF Capital S.A. opens up for new investors

On November 1st CEO Bas Kooijman will appear in the Dutch YouTube show Angels & Dragons. Through this show DHF Capital S.A. opens up for new investors. For a total amount of € 400.000,- - starting from only € 10.000,- - investors can now participate in the company. So instead of investing with DHF Capital S.A., the new option arises to invest in DHF Capital S.A. For a limited time only.

During the show Bas will explain about the inner workings of the company. The show is in Dutch, but if you are interested in investing in DHF Capital S.A. and you are unable to speak Dutch, it is still possible to get more information. We are open to talk to anyone who is interested in investing. Please contact Bas at b.kooijman@dhf-capital.com for more information about the possibilities.

Angels & Dragons is a show in which potential ‘angel investors’ get to opportunity to invest in fast growing enterprises through a method called Shared-Funding. With Shared-Funding the total amount of investment is split up in smaller partitions. This way the risks of the investors can be kept at a minimum and the Return on Investment is still quite attractive.

You can find more information about the show on https://www.angelsdragons.nl. Please note that this website is written in Dutch. You can follow the show on YouTube

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