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0102 2023


Living the green dream: How DHF Capital’s sponsorship fuses wealth and health together

DHF Capital S.A.

Money isn’t everything. Maybe a strange statement to make from a securitization company that thrives with it. But there is more to value. The ambition is to be the best of best. To grow higher than one ever has. DHF Capital S.A. sponsors the Dutch volleyball club SSS in Barneveld. As an international financial company, why choosing this sports club in this easygoing, countryside like village? For that same reason as DHF Capital S.A. exists: to become the best of the best. DHF Capital S.A. and SSS find each other in sharing the same mission. And that is worth our sponsorship support. A portrait of this special sponsorship and collaboration to back up the essential fusion of wealth and health.

More than a winners drive: doing amazing things beyond imagination

DHF Capital S.A. finds it essential to not only work on your financial health, but at your psychical one as well. To carry that out, we always look for social sponsorship opportunities that add value to our mission. Volleyball club SSS in Barneveld plays the premier league of the Netherlands. Recently it decided to have no satisfaction in second place. The highest ambition to not be satisfied if you’re not a champion for years to come. Since then the club lives its ‘green dream’ referring to their club colors. Knowing we have the same goals as an asset management company, we support them in their route to success.

“Sponsorships are generally known to make the most beautiful things happen.” Ralph Ratterman, board member and forex trader at DHF Capital S.A., is a heartfelt fan of the SSS volleyball club. He knows that clubs need beating hearts filled with passion to keep them alive. Beating hearts like his. On the stand, on the field or investors who believe in them. The people with a true ‘every game and goal matters’ kind of vibe.

“My brother used to train this team. Close before he passed away he spoke of his dream to make this team a champion. His passing gave strength to the players, the audience and their new trainer to really do it. Everyone believes it. In every vain of their body. You know what’s special about this sponsorship? That DHF Capital S.A. has the same drive. To become the best in what we do. Top of the top, no exceptions.”

Investors love social causes to make money grow

When it comes to sport clubs, investors have a deep love with it. Why? Because you can combine wealth and health together, like two birds one stone. It’s the same purpose that DHF Capital S.A. has with this sponsorship. Jacco Schaap, board member of SSS: “There are a lot of investors out there with different goals to make their money thrive. To really do something with it. It is important to invest in personal goals as well. At SSS we are always on the lookout for such interesting investors like entrepreneurs or business leaders.”

Ratterman illustrates how a real ambition, to become the Dutch best volleyball team, slowly becomes reality. And that can be quite awkward and crazy to experience, but it also shows where people are capable of. “With DHF Capital S.A. we have to grow, the club has to grow. There are many parallels in ambition levels. For DHF Capital S.A. this sponsorship is not a ‘necessity’ like it is with other companies. As a volleyball sports fan I really enjoy watching them play and to see them grow every time. It gives me the chills.”

Ratterman founded DHF Capital S.A. together with Bas Kooijman a few years back. He wanted to learn more about forex trading as having assets himself that needed movement. As a renowned and top class forex trader, Kooijman learned him every trick of the shelf like an ‘investment father’. As a nowadays professional, Ratterman invests the million worth assets of the clients from DHF Capital S.A. with confidence and joy, while players of his favorite volleyball team are running around with the companies logo on their shirts. “As Bas and I are two men who really love sports in doing and watching, this sponsorship was an easy choice. We find our one-way-to-the-top ambition in the team we are sponsoring. And that feels amazing. For investors we want to show that being financially healthy is not enough. Being psychical and mentally healthy means just as much, if not more.”

Curious in how investing works for you? An investor yourself and looking for a green and sustainable investment? Join us today and invest with DHF Capital S.A. Find contact with us and we can illustrate how a collaboration can look like. DHF Capital S.A. is always on the lookout for interesting sponsorships collaborations. Lets have a chat when your ambition hits ours just as hard.

DHF Capital S.A.

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