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1302 2023


After a glorious start, stock markets start to decrease a little in value. To what will this lead?

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After the first weeks of January 2023, European stock markets achieved the highest profits ever recorded. The incredible growth seen in this period is a testament to the resilience of investors and the potential for recovery after 2022's record-breaking losses. But after this 'glory month' the markets start to drop down again. What can we financially expect from the European stock market for over the next year? In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the key factors that could influence Europe's stock market performance in 2023 and beyond.

The kickstart of 2023, what happened?

The beginning of the year 2023 was marked by a flurry of activity in the stock markets, as investors took advantage of the positive momentum to gasp for refreshing air. This was a direct result of the optimism surrounding the slow but determined inflation recovery and the prospects for economic waters with more stability. For example, the Stoxx Europe 600 Index closed last week with 0,5%. This extends its earlier advance of 6,5%. Also the German DAX and the French CAC jumped in green. However, while these gains were certainly welcome, there is no guarantee that it will give the year the same color. While there are some predictions of a bull market, nothing is yet certain.

What does this mean for you as an investor?

Looking ahead, it is difficult to say where the markets will go from here. The consumers spendings are still flowing in the economy and inflation starts to lower worldwide, so there is every reason to be bullish about the future. However, with valuations already high and many investors feeling overexposed to risk, it would not take much for things to turn sour again. As investment greatness Jeremy Grantham recently stated, investors must take caution as we can easily can go "from this timeout, back to the meat grinder." While the European markets have been doing well recently, they may not continue to do so at the same rate. Banks like Barclays, ECB and Bank of Japan are still pushing up their interest rates to battle inflation like last year to prevent companies from overborrowing capital. 'As for the FED rising their interest rates for another 0,25%, it remains to be seen if it's not any form of overkill," says Rowan Rozemond, Head of Global Investor Relations and Board Member at DHF Capital S.A. "The ripple of this stone throw is felt much later. Slowly it will seep down to mortgages, car loans, investments and so forth.'

What are the predictions of the European stock markets behavior in 2023?

There are some divergent scenarios when it comes the 2023 predictions. The European stock markets are in general expected to continue their upward trend in 2023, both stated by leading banks as investment firms. According to Bloomberg, the bank JP Morgan for example aims for a sharp drop of inflation rates that can lift up the economy a bit. BlackRock thinks the same, although therefor it is necessary to keep the interest rates at a certain level, but not forever. Rozemond: 'On top of that it is expected that job openings in the U.S. increase to a five-month high as the labor market there stays tight. Luckily inflation rates are declining although remaining at a high overall level.' There are sharp and gloomy voices to be heard like those of Grantham that predict a year that easily meets up the 2022 'investment massacre' of 40% or worse. After all, let's not forget that the world still needs to enter a recession in which the consumers salaries are not equally rising as the prices. There are still pandemic measures in Asia that can lift up again in no time. Staying away entirely from the markets however is not necessary. There will always be some stocks that can defend your portfolio's risk. Those are the safe havens DHF Capital S.A. uses to minimize its clients risk. But investing in general remains reserved for the long run. 'Raising interest rates are pressing hard on the United States national debt," Rozemond explains. 'As credit card debt from consumers is also rising, we must ready ourselves for a double down dip. America is facing an global sovereign debt crisis while on the other hand inflation rates remain sky high. Investors must have patience, a strong goal and a lot of financial stamina to outlast it.'

Invest with DHF Capital as a leading expert in the field

Up, down, under, above. It is only natural to get lost in the world of investment in these times. But you can let an expert deal with it. DHF Capital is a leading investment firm specializing in wealth management. We have over a decade of experience investing in the European markets and have consistently outperformed the benchmarks. Our proprietary research and analysis give us a unique perspective on the markets and allow us to identify opportunities that others may miss. We are committed to providing our clients with superior returns and outstanding service trough our guaranteed return policy. We offer a variety of investment strategies and products, all designed to help you meet your financial goals. Whether you're looking for growth, income, or both, we have a solution that's right for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial objectives.

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