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1910 2023


US stocks face risks ahead of Powell speech

Bas Kooijman

US futures recorded some volatility but limited performance before the release of job market and manufacturing data which could fuel volatility. At the same time, rising yields could continue to weigh on the market.

Traders could turn their attention to Jerome Powell’s speech later in the day which could affect expectations while the US economy continues to see stronger-than-expected figures. The Federal Reserve is expected to maintain high interest rates for an extended period as a result. However, caution could continue to increase as traders consider monetary policy and geopolitical risks.

With earnings season in full swing, mixed company results continue to affect the market and fuel volatility. While Tesla fell short of expectations yesterday, Netflix and Morgan Stanley exceeded forecasts. However, traders could focus on next week’s earnings releases with Microsoft, Alphabet and Visa expected on Tuesday, and Meta on Wednesday while Apple, Amazon and Intel are scheduled on Thursday.

Bas Kooijman

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