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1905 2023


Business development manager Roland is the bridge between DHF Capital and the client

DHF Capital S.A.

Some people always have a solution for everything. Business Development Manager Roland Monsma is such a person. For DHF Capital S.A. he teaches people the benefits of investing and why that's always a better idea than selling your soul to an impersonal trust fund that only exists for that company's sake. Roland keeps his eyes on the client and their happiness because, according to him, that's all that matters. It is what binds him with DHF Capital, which strives for a warm connection with its clients.

The inner Roland may be 28 years old, but the outside looks just as young, but with more experience. He always reserves a seat for his dreams and talks about them passionately. Roland feels that life has given him the sweetest and juiciest lemons possible. From his home in a small country-like village in the Netherlands, he works in the business development team for the Benelux market of DHF Capital S.A. His job? Looking for people who want to make their life worth living. Some of these people live around him in beautiful detached houses with flowery gardens and exclusive cars parked in front. But they do have a sort of a problem that reveals itself as soon as they have a chitchat with Roland: "What to do with my savings?", "My pension age is coming, do I have enough?" and "Inflation is higher than ever, now what?" Roland won't advise but shows them how things can be different.

"DHF Capital is constantly on my mind"

For Roland, investing is more a possible solution for someone than a necessity. His 'helping antenna' is for that reason always bleeping at the most random moments. "I can be in 'work mode' just like that at every event, dinner, or activity I attend, private or not," Roland enthusiastically starts. "I really feel that DHF Capital S.A. DNA. That is because of the company's vibe. How everyone has a deep passion for explaining things to people in order to help them. That defines me. Last Saturday for example I was at a Porsche rally, just in my free time as a Porsche driver myself. I don't have a background in finance, but I feel that such is only an advantage to me as I would otherwise be limited by knowledge. I have spoken with a lot of potential DHF Capital S.A. clients, but never in a 'selling' way, but more as friends. I just want to help them out, no strings attached. When they start talking about the lowering return on their capital, I look with them to see if investing might not be an option. Some of them have experience with it, some have not. DHF Capital S.A., therefore, is constantly on my mind. They really want the client to understand investing and to decide for themselves whether it fits them or not. I feel the same about it."

Two client groups

Investing does not have to fit everyone and someone really has to have a good feeling about it, before Roland explores the possibilities at DHF Capital S.A. When he spoke to someone who is interested in investing, Roland follows predetermined steps to make sure the client won't miss anything.

"It starts with determining the client type, which I divide into two groups. The first group is the small business owners, the SMO. These people own a shop, service provider, or other kind of production company in which they thrive. If they're looking to secure their retirement or savings, investing is the answer. The other group contains the heads of bigger companies with a lot of assets to secure, like the CEO of a firm. These assets do not really 'move' when stored in a bank, or can be vulnerable to inflation. Investing helps these assets grow in a way that companies can enlarge their liquidity."

Opening the door for the client

"It makes no sense pushing it," Roland explains. "When I start pushing someone to invest and become a client, of course, someone would run away. They would be right to do so. It comes to carefully exploring the wishes, needs, and fears of the client, while then softly providing a possible option."

It is not up to Roland to hand over solid advice to a prospect. Every situation is different as DHF Capital S.A. operates with a personal approach. As a business development manager, he opens the DHF Capital S.A. door, where Rowan Rozemond or Bas Kooijman answer all the questions one might have about investing. "With a lot of other investment firms, it is all about harvesting the most clients possible for the highest return. I jumped on board the DHF Capital S.A. train because of the warm human approach they have. A genuine interest in the client's story. I could not be selling something that is not exactly that."

DHF Capital S.A. in their turn opened the door for Roland to still look at the future while already being at senior level. "What I really want to develop as a goal for the long term, is to have a real decision tree in my mind to help people even better. When a prospect needs help with something and talks to me about it, I really want to let it flow naturally. That I don't have to really think about it anymore. I might do that with pre-worked-out charts, only for the benefit of the client. Because what you hear is what you going to get, clear without any fog."

DHF Capital S.A.

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