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0705 2024


DHF Capital S.A. Appoints Erik Boekel as Chief Commercial Officer

DHF Capital S. A.

DHF Capital S.A., a premier securitization company based in Luxembourg, is pleased to announce the appointment of Erik Boekel as its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). With a distinguished career spanning over 25 years in Corporate and Investment Banking, Global Markets, and Treasury, Erik brings a wealth of expertise to DHF Capital, further strengthening its position as a leader in providing financial products and investment solutions tailored to institutional and high-net-worth individual (HNWI) investors.

Erik Boekel's extensive professional background encompasses multifaceted regional responsibilities across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, predominantly within large regulated, listed International Financial Institutions and Corporates. His versatile experience as both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur underscores his adaptability and innovative thinking in navigating complex and multicultural environments, resulting in the establishment of profitable ventures that capitalize on unique market dynamics.

Commenting on Erik Boekel's appointment, Bas Kooijman, CEO and Founder of DHF Capital S.A., remarked:

"We are delighted to welcome Erik Boekel to DHF Capital as our new Chief Commercial Officer. Erik's remarkable track record of success and his deep understanding of the intricacies of global financial markets make him an invaluable addition to our leadership team. His extensive experience in building and leading diverse teams to achieve collective goals aligns perfectly with DHF Capital's commitment to excellence and innovation. With Erik's leadership, we are confident in our ability to further enhance our suite of financial products and investment solutions, delivering exceptional value to our institutional and HNWI clients."

Erik Boekel expressed his enthusiasm about joining DHF Capital, stating:

"I am honoured to join DHF Capital at such an exciting time in its evolution. The company's reputation for excellence and its dedication to providing bespoke financial solutions and wealth management to its astute client base align closely with my own professional values. I look forward to collaborating with the talented team at DHF Capital to drive growth, innovation, and client success. Together, we will leverage our collective expertise to unlock new opportunities and further solidify DHF Capital's position as a trusted partner in the financial industry."

As DHF Capital S.A. continues to expand its footprint and enhance its offerings, Erik Boekel's appointment underscores the company's commitment to delivering superior value and service to its clients.

DHF Capital S. A.

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